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Even if you diligently brush your teeth twice a day, it might still be possible for small cavity to form on one of your teeth. Most cavities are detected during Vela Dental Centers Kingsville’s regular dental checkup.

However, if you notice a change in texture, experience pain or new sensitivity issues in a tooth, you should not delay in contacting our office in Kingsville, Texas, at 361.592.4373. Timely treatment will keep a small problem from developing serious complications.

Most small and medium cavities can be repaired with an ordinary filling made from gold, porcelain, amalgam or composite materials.

First, your Vela Dental Centers Kingsville dentist will numb the area. Then they will use a drill to remove the decayed enamel to provide a clean healthy surface to cement a filling in place. Amalgam and composite fillings can be applied in the same appointment. Gold and porcelain fillings need to be prepared in a dental lab. So they will require a brief follow up appointment.

The type of material your dentist recommends for your filling will depend on the tooth’s primary function and its appearance in your smile.

If you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, and you would like to have it examined, you should call Vela Dental Centers Kingsville’s office in Kingsville, Texas at 361.592.4373 to set up an appointment.