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Do you dream of having straight, beautiful teeth but don’t want to have to put up with the bothersome metal brackets and wires that come with traditional orthodontic procedures?

If so, then Invisalign is the process for you. It’s a new, revolutionary way to straighten teeth, and here at Vela Dental Centers Kingsville we’re happy to offer it all of our patients who qualify for the treatment.

Invisalign is a process for straightening teeth that uses clear, nearly invisible (hence the name “Invisalign”) retainers to move your teeth into the correct place over a series of months – usually the same time period as you would wear braces.

If you have other serious orthodontic issues (overbites, crowded teeth, too much space between your teeth, etc.) then you’ll need more formal orthodontic treatment before you can undergo Invisalign. However, if your teeth are in good shape – and Dr. Ben Vela & Alan Rodriguez will be able to tell you if they are – then you’ll be able to start Invisalign quickly.

A series of clear plastic retainers will be made based off a mold of your mouth, and you’ll wear each retainer for two weeks before switching to the next one. You’ll only take them out to eat and brush your teeth. The best part about them, aside from their ease of use, is the fact that people can hardly tell you’re wearing them! Gone are the embarrassing days of metal brackets and wires.

If you’ve always wanted a straight smile and think Invisalign is the process for you, then don’t hesitate to call us today at 361.592.4373.