During routine dental checkups, Dr. Vela and Dr. Rodriguez may recommend digital imaging in Kingsville, Texas. Digital imaging is a superior form of dental X-ray, which is a helpful diagnostic tool. Our dentists can locate dental issues like tooth decay and gingivitis using digital imaging. Our dentists can locate things that are difficult to see during a regular dental exam using digital imaging.

Digital imaging has many benefits. Unlike traditional X-rays, which use film that is developed in a dark room, digital imaging sends the X-ray to a computer screen in just a few seconds. Once there, the image can easily be viewed, saved, or printed. Digital imaging is safer than traditional X-rays, as they use less radiation. Our dentists can enlarge and enhance digital images, making it simple for them to spot dental issues and to show you where and what they are. Using software called subtraction radiography, our dentists can digitally compare new and old images. Everything that is the same will be subtracted out, which leaves only an image of what is different. With this software, our dentists can spot even the tiniest changes in your smile easily.

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