If you would like to straighten your smile without the metal brackets and wires of traditional bridges, Drs. Vela and Rodriguez may recommend Six Month Smiles® in Kingsville, Texas. Six Month Smiles use more aesthetic materials than traditional braces. They also significantly lessen your treatment time.

Six Month Smiles use the best aspects of traditional braces and improves the overall process. Six Month Smiles can straighten your smile in about six months. Traditional braces need about two years to straighten your smile. Six Month Smiles use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to straighten your teeth. These materials are barely noticeable. In contrast, traditional braces use metal brackets and wires. Six Month Smiles do not cost as much as traditional braces, clear aligners, and dental veneers. If you use Six Month Smiles, your comfort, safety, and dental hygiene will be better than if you use traditional braces. This is because of the low forces and shortened treatment time of Six Month Smiles. Many of the aspects of traditional braces are employed, so Six Month Smiles will provide a conservative and predictable result for your smile.

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